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How Lean and Agile Relate

How Lean and Agile Relate

We often consider lean and agile to be two different methodologies to writing software. However, if we take the principles of lean to heart, we end up creating an agile team as well. In fact, many advanced agile coaches now use ideas and vocabulary from lean when teaching teams.

Why is that? Well, we’re all realizing that it’s not about picking one process or methodology and following it like it’s gospel. It’s about blending all our best practices and learnings together and then using what makes sense for our teams, not anyone else’s.

In this post, we’ll review principles related to both lean and agile. Then we’ll see how we can get more out of combining the two. And finally, we’ll cover how you can start implementing these practices within your teams, no matter what current practices are.

To kick us off, let’s first start with the basics of lean.

Combine Lean and Agile Practices to Drive Continuous Improvement

Product managers are under constant pressure to move faster, deliver more and improve outcomes. This situation can lead to waste within organizations. Product managers can create a continuous, efficient product management process by adopting a combination of lean and agile practices.

  • Apply the Principles of Kaizen to Focus on Reducing Waste
  • Adopt the Concept of Andon to Drive Stakeholder Involvement
  • Supplement Lean Practices With Agile Retrospectives to Create Routine